Brasilia Lady

No other women’s watch can show off genuinely feminine charm to such advantage as Ebel’s diamond-studded Brasilia models in stainless steel, steel-gold or 18 carat yellow gold. Reflecting vitality and positive energy, this spontaneously youthful-looking watch will sparkle as the ideal companion at any party. Much more than just a timepiece with rectangular case and smooth, sinuous curves, this natural beauty is a stunning piece of jewelry with style to grace any occasion. The new Brasilia model is the epitome of beauty and timeless femininity. With its characteristic rectangular case, this elegant watch remains true to the design principles that have made it a success with women who cherish harmony. Its softly rounded lines form into smooth curves to grasp the wrist tenderly. Geometric structures and feminine forms merge in one bold, esthetically pleasing design to create an irresistible watch with high wearing comfort from which its owner will never want to be parted.