Breitlings new Avenger Collection

Breitling has redesigned the Avenger collection as bold and robust as the name suggests. No watch brand in the world has an impressive and more sustainable connection to aviation than Breitling.

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The Avenger collection originally debuted in 2001 and with this year’s relaunch, Breitling has updated the collection and positioned it in a proud and unique location in its Air brand universe. The new collection is nothing more than the passage of one of Breitling’s boldest collections into the era of modern aviation.

Pure next generation DNA that excels in action, purpose and style

In the 1960s and 1970s, some of the most prestigious international airlines trusted Breitling’s clocks. Breitling was even there at the beginning of the manned space flight: On May 24, 1962, the US astronaut Scott Carpenter wore on his Mercury space flight a Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute, which was made at his own request, and thus the very first Swiss wrist chronograph in space.

Big, black and easy to read: Breitling’s Night Mission

To launch the new Avenger collection, Breitling has assembled a new Aviation Pioneers Squad as part of its #quadonamission campaign, made up of three noteworthy individuals who represent different flight disciplines, but all define an incredible new age of adventure in the air: Scott Kelly, Rocío González Torres and Luke Bannister. These experienced flight specialists represent different generations and bring incredibly diverse experiences to the squad.

Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly

The astronaut Scott Kelly spent an amazing 520 days in space during his four flights, commanding the ISS on three of them. In March 2015, he launched the one-year ISS mission and returned to Earth in March 2016.

Rocío González Torres

Rocío González Torres, a commander of the Spanish Air Force, was the first Spaniard to work 1000 hours controlling an F-18 fighter jet. She has also reached a number of other impressive milestones. Rocío was first in her first training as a military pilot and in the academy for hunting and attack pilots class best and was the first woman to take first place in this challenging discipline.

Breitling Squad Gonzalez
Bannister Drohne

Luke Bannister

Rounding out the Aviation Pioneers Squad by Luke Bannister, who with XBlades Racing is a new kind of pilot as a drone world champion. He attracted international attention when he won the first prize at the World Drone Prix in Dubai at the tender age of 15. A sport that, according to The Sunday Times, could become “as big as Formula One”.

Breitling x Drone Champions League - Turin Finals

As Official Timekeeper of the Drone Champion, Breitling was present at the Turin Final, where thousands of spectators cheered from the historic banks of the Murazzi del Po.