Maurice Lacroix
650.00 CHF

Eliros Date

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    The Eliros Date is a watch with a classic design that adorns the wrist of style-conscious trendsetters and skilfully combines time with precision and reliability. In 2016, Maurice Lacroix reworked the Eliros collection, true to his ongoing quest for innovation.

    The latest models have a number of enhancements, including an increased number of finishes, which are usually more typical for more expensive Maurice Lacroix timepieces.

    Over the centuries, Switzerland has earned an outstanding reputation thanks to the spirit of innovation and the perfectionism of its watchmakers.

    Maurice Lacroix is committed to upholding both this tradition and the high standards of watchmaking. For more than 40 years, Maurice Lacroix watches have been manufactured in state-of-the-art workshops in Saignelégier. Here are all the decisive factors for a successful production of excellent and high-quality timepieces bundled: horological know-how, exceptional craftsmanship, industry knowledge, technical capacities and not least a pronounced quality awareness.
    Maurice LaCroix Manufaktur

    The Movements from Maurice Laxroix

    Countless awards, patents and designs for new movements and complications are proof that our watches do not only impress with their form, but also with their functions.

    Success is journey, not a destination.


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