Norqain Adventure Sport Blau Zurich

Adventure Sport Auto

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A watch for the world of sport adventures. The adventure sport is designed for those who move around in nature, searching for challenging new experiences and discoveries.

The Adventure Sport, with its sporty and robust design, is the perfect companion for all your adventures. Available on textile, rubber or leather strap.

NORQAIN stands for high quality timepieces made in Switzerland with a strong design and striking uniqueness

NORQAIN exclusively manufactures mechanical watches and combines the three collections "Adventure", "Freedom" and "Independence", all of which are available in both men's and women's models. Each watch is handmade by our watchmakers.
Norqain Plate Engraving

The NORQAIN plate

With the innovative "NORQAIN plate", which can be personalized for each model, NORQAIN enhances the emotionality and the very personal connection between man and watch - and thus brings to the point what you stand for and what is important to you: the creation of a very own watch, which fits perfectly with every life moment and holds special personal experiences.

we are NORQAINERS – our life, our way


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