The first pillar of quality by Galli is our in-house workshop staffed by highly trained experts. We perform repairs, inspections as well as cleanings to our customers’ entire satisfaction, using state-of- the-art tools and machines. Our watchmaker has been with us for over 40 years; he is exquisitely versed in our customers’ needs as well as Galli’s high quality standards.

Every watch you purchase from Galli comes with a free check-up one year from purchase.

Drop your watch off on its first birthday, and our watchmaker will test it for accuracy and water resistance; as a gift to you from Galli, he will also clean the watch and its band free of charge. Naturally, for the buyer of our jewelry, we also make a present of a thorough cleaning, polishing and inspection of the stone’s setting.

With the years, we have become specialists in restoring antique pieces.

Reconditioned by us, a valuable heirloom once again will give pleasure to its wearer. Our motto: We do not sell the reconditioning; you buy its end result!

Do you have a watch of piece of jewelry at home that deserves repair or updating? But you are not sure of its scope and what it will cost? Please feel free to come by and see us. We would like nothing better than to look at the watch and give you a free quote. If there is one quality we are famous for, far and wide, it is this: Galli will find a solution for (almost) any problem, as it has done since 1882.