Annamaria Cammilli

High quality jewelry from Florence. The design is inspired by nature and can be expressed in eight different gold colors. Flowing organic forms characterize their distinctive style. A jewel by Annamaria Cammilli is recognized without reading the label.

Canada Mark

Candamark mindfully sources diamonds so that you can feel empowered to define and celebrate your own life milestones. The team of passionate professionals take pride in the process of responsibly mining your diamond, bringing out its brilliance, and ensuring that it’s authentically Canadian.


Pearls have always awakened fantasies and conquered hearts. This is also shown in the history of the jewelry manufacturer Gellner. It is characterized by the love for cultured pearls and the enthusiasm for their special magic. A love that has always been faithful.

Herzog Loibner

Exceptional jewels with unique colored gemstones bring the character of every woman to shine. The vibrant color worlds of Herzog & Loibner from Lichtenstein make a clear statement and become a guaranteed eye-catcher. The gemstones are available in a variety of color spectra and marbling. From coral to morganite, chrysoprass and moonstone to the topaz, all wishes are fulfilled.


Each ring and every piece of jewelery is individually manufactured in the manufactory MEISTER according to the individual wishes of our customers. The result is every piece of MEISTER in the virtuoso interplay of various experts, masters of your field: jewelery designers, gold and platinum smiths, technicians, gemologists and diamond experts, jewelers and poilisseuses. They all want only one thing: to create individual and distinctive rings that touch and delight the lovers.


Since 1882 Odenwald has been producing high quality gold jewelery from the gold town Pforzheim in its traditional manufactory. From generation to generation, the values ​​of manual work, creativity and individuality have been passed on. This tradition and the enthusiasm for valuable, special jewelery let us create new ideas for you again and again.