Canada Mark Solitaire Galli Zürich
6'680.00 CHF

Solitaire Platin 0.61ct G-Vs 2

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    The CanadaMark diamond is something unique. It is promised that all diamonds in the Northwest Territories of Canada will be dismantled responsibly, taking into account the sustainability of the natural environment and the people in the community. All mines that are part of the Canadamark program must meet stringent Canadian environmental regulations and many go beyond them.

    The company is proud of its transparency throughout the dismantling process. For this reason, all Canadamark diamonds are subjected to an independent, tested process at each stage, from the mine of origin to the polished stone. With a purchase you will receive a certificate with a serial number, which is engraved very small on the diamond. With this number you can find out directly at, from which mine it comes.

    The stone is forged at Wöhler & Weikard (, which is a local goldsmith in Zurich. Thus you get the complete transparency of Galli.