Smartwatch from TISSOT

The Swatch Group has now announced the long awaited Smartwatch. It will be launched under the Tissot brand. The Swiss operating system will run for 6 months without recharging.


The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar is a hybrid watch. This means that it still has a normal dial and hands. The display, on which messages are shown for example, only fills the lower third. The smart T-Touch is therefore not directly comparable with smart watches such as the Apple Watch. Thanks to solar cells on the dial, it should function in “smart mode” for about half a year without charging and in pure watch operation even ten years.

Now available at Galli - Let us advise you!

An operating system specially developed by the Swatch Group and CSEM also contributes to the economical use of the battery. The “SwAlps” (Swiss Autonomous Low Power System) is intended to be compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. It even works with HarmonyOS, which is coming from Huawei.


The sales price of the entry-level model is 995 francs

The T-Touch Connect Solar is primarily a watch. It is not a gadget, a “device” or a mini-tablet worn on the wrist. Its 47 mm titanium case with an extremely scratch-resistant ceramic bezel is ergonomic and displays the attention to detail that is so characteristic of Tissot.

What it can do more than its forerunner

1. pedometer
2. connect to cell phone (with Swatch Group’s CSEM technology)
3. various connectivity functions and activity tracking (connecting to different apps)
4. later upgrades will increase his abilities. We are curious!

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar in the first test

The development of Tissot Connect Solar cost around 35 million Swiss francs and is already protected by 35 patents. It also has an accompanying smartphone application and is probably part of the Swatch Group’s larger plan to create its own ecosystem of “connected” portable devices.