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T-Touch Connect Solar

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    As the direct successor to the first tactile multifunction watch in history, the Tissot T Touch Connect Solar is taking a new course. The latest generation T-Touch is packed with Tissot’s characteristic watchmaking expertise in all its forms: This Swiss Made timepiece is safe, private, interactive, autonomous, contemporary and durable.

    The T-Touch Connect Solar is first and foremost a watch. Not a gadget, not a “device” and not a mini-tablet worn on the wrist. Its 47 mm titanium case with an extremely scratch-resistant ceramic bezel is ergonomic and shows the attention to detail that is a typical characteristic of Tissot. It is available in several versions with rubber or titanium bracelets and a case in satin-finished titanium, black PVD or rose gold PVD. These hard-wearing materials mean that unlike disposable smart watches, this watch is naturally protected against obsolescence, especially the built-in obsolescence of electronic products.

    For example, the T-Touch Connect Solar has a perpetual calendar, countdown, various timekeeping functions and alarms, as well as meteo and altimeter functions. In addition, there is an activity tracker and the possibility of interaction between the SwALPS operating system, developed especially for this project, and a smartphone (iOS, Android, Harmony, Huawei) with app notifications and updates. And like any T-Touch, it is controlled via its original recognition feature, the tactile sapphire crystal. Later upgrades will increase its capabilities. We are curious!

    At the beginning, Tissot was a network of independent workers who were highly specialized and made various watch parts.

    Tissot won the coveted Grand Prix prize in Paris in 1900, the same year that the city's second Olympic Games were held. At the same time, Tissot began the long tradition of working with his ambassadors, wearing one of his wristwatches by legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt, considered to be the most successful stage actress of her time.
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    The high quality of the brand is repeatedly recognized in the sports world. In his illustrious past, Tissot has been named official timekeeper and partner of the NBA, FIBA, CBA, MotoGP, FIM World Superbike, AFL, RBS 6 Nations Rugby and the World Cycling, Fencing and Ice Hockey Championships.

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