Swiss Kubik watch winder

Not only in watches, we rely on Swiss Made products. For this reason we have exclusive Swiss Kubik watch winders to offer you. We would like to introduce you to the brand and explain why they are qualitatively so good.

Swisskubik Titelbild Blog

The Geneva based company Swiss Kubik has been developing and manufacturing high-quality watch winders for all fans of automatic watches for more than 10 years. The products are all assembled by hand and are 100% Swiss Made. Thus, they meet all the market criteria of the Swiss watch industry: longevity, reliability, quality and precision.

Are you looking for a quiet and simple watch winder?

We have three different collections from Swiss Kubik. In the beginner price range is next to the Scatola Del Tempo the Start Box. It offers enough revolutions for your automatic watch and is easy and simple to use with just one button:

The engine is from Switzerland, the design and case manufacture from Italy. The soft-touch case is impact-resistant and features a removable and adjustable spring-loaded watch holder for watches up to 60mm in diameter. A removable clear window protection cover with a silver metal lid and the Scatola Del Tempo Insignia logo provide stylish details while keeping your watch beautifully visible:

High quality leather in the most beautiful colors, small and compact, perfect for any desk

However, if you want to determine whether the watch winder should rotate clockwise or not, or make 800 or 1200 revolutions per day, we recommend the Masterbox. They are also new without cable, but via Bluetooth adjustable and quite simply via an app (Android or iOS):

The heart of a watch winder

The quiet engine including Bluetooth controlling chip looks like this (example with Masterbox). Small but nice. Powered by two 1.5 volt alkaline batteries, they will last for 3 years. The lid is easy to unscrew and if you want to change the color of the case, that’s done quickly, because the aluminum middle part is easy to replace.

Swisskubik Masterbox Motor
Antrieb Swiss Kubik Motor

Engine power

The engine is kept small. In order not to magnetize your timepiece in the watch winder, the engine has soft iron around it.

The watch winders can be adapted to your needs and are decorated in an innovative or classic way. The best materials are always used. With elegance and modernity, they fit your beloved watch, depending on the shape, color or bracelet material.

It is a high-precision object that gives your watch the care it deserves when you put it in your safe