Herzog Loibner Ohrhänger Rotgold
2'880.00 CHF

Earrings red gold prasolith

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    The pendants by Herzog and Loibner flatter any face shape and can easily be hung in any hoop. They enchant in their inexhaustible play of colors. Each stone is a unique piece and a special value object, which comes into its own when worn.

    Choose from the 38 beautiful colored gemstones your very own favorite. The 2 different sizes in pure gold or in brilliant version allow you a variety of combination options and arouse the desire to collect. Style your Aldusblatt pendant as a casual pendant on the leather strap or elegant on the Infinity necklace.

    A collection of women for women to fulfill their personal wishes.

    Ground to a nut fruit and set with the aldus leaf in gold, the gems of the Aldusblatt collection are brought to bear. With love and care the treasures are made of the finest materials and rare jewels.
    Herzog Loibner Aldusblatt Galli

    The Aldus leaf

    The origin of the aldus leaf lies in the combination of a heart and a leaf. It was named after the Italian book printer and publisher Aldus Manutius, who took a liking to the special form between the 13th and 14th century and attached it to his books as a small piece of jewelery. Thus, each of his books became a unique and at the same time a possibility to contribute his personal touch.

    A thought that touches and a philosophy that even Herzog Loibner would like to follow. Thus, the aldus leaf was not only the in-house symbol for Duke Loibner, but also the source of inspiration for an entire collection.