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Chronomat SuperQuartz 32

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    The breathtaking watches in the Chronomat collection for women are equipped with the legendary Rouleaux bracelet with double folding clasp, which is as robust as it is elegant. Since the 1940s, Breitling has been producing various models specifically for women.  Like all Breitling watches, the Chronomat models are COSC certified. 

    In addition to different sizes (36 mm Automatic and 32 mm SuperQuartz), there is also a choice of different metal cases: from cool stainless steel to two-tone all-rounders and luxurious 18-carat pink gold. And women who desire an extra shine can choose diamond-studded bezels and hands. 

    Breitling’s storied association with chronographs and aeronautics dates back to 1884, when Léon Breitling laid the foundation for a company that would remain in his family for nearly a century.

    In 1923, a patented pocket watch with two chronograph pushers caused a sensation. The one pusher in the 2 o’clock position was used for starting and stopping, while the other, integrated into the crown, reset the chronograph mechanism. For the first time, it was possible for the stopwatch to measure multiple times in sequence.
    Breitling Uhren in Zürich

    The Breitling Cinema Squad

    In our modest way, we know that a Breitling watch is also aspirational – a dream worth achieving. Breitling watches have had remarkable roles on the wrists of some of our most beloved actors, including Sean Connery as James Bond in Thunderball in 1965.

    At Breitling, we believe in the power of a team, the strength of a group, and the mutual identification of a common target, which ultimately leads to success.


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