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Hans Wilsdorf created the Montres TUDOR SA Company in 1946, twenty years after it has been registered, to offer watches with the quality and dependability of a Rolex at a more accessible price point.

Throughout their history, TUDOR watches have been chosen by the boldest adventurers and seasoned professionals alike. Today, the TUDOR collection includes emblematic models such as Black Bay, Pelagos, Royal and 1926.
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Black Bay

The Black Bay diving watches with a 41mm diameter case are available in different versions, each with its own identity. The varied collection stands out with the soft, warm patina of antique watches. All models are equipped with a manufacture calibre.


Royal is a name TUDOR first used in the 1950s to emphasize the high quality of its watches. This collection is part of that heritage, offering sporty automatic watches with integrated bracelets that are both affordable and uncompromising.

Black Bay Pro

The Black Bay Pro has a diameter of 39 millimetres, a fixed bezel in stainless steel and a manufacture movement with a built-in GMT function. It is a functional watch designed for professional use.


The new Ranger continues the tradition of the expedition watch in the Tudor collection, which was established with the Oyster Prince watches worn by members of the British North Greenland Expedition. The tradition of a robust, practical and affordable instrument.

Black Bay GMT

The famous Diver Watch TUDOR Heritage Black Bay is also available with a GMT function that allows you to adjust the local time while keeping track of the time of the other two time zones. This model was presented at the Baselworld 2018. The Black Bay GMT with a manufacture movement caliber MT5652 stands out with its striking bezel in bordeaux and blue.

Black Bay Bronze

This collection is aesthetically related to the bronze used for historical ships and diving equipment. The result is the visual effect of a patinated object that may have fought the waves of his wearer's wrist for many years and seems to be shaped by him and his lifestyle.

Black Bay Fifty-Eight

With this model in the Black Bay line TUDOR honors the first divers watches of the mark with a wristwatch, whose dimensions correspond to those at that time. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight is equipped with a TUDOR manufacturing movement and is suitable for narrow wrists as well as lovers of classic vintage models.

Black Bay Chrono

TUDOR derived the characteristic aesthetic elements of the Heritage Black Bay Chrono model from its history. The shape and the curved dial and watch glass refer to the first TUDOR diver's watch.

Black Bay 31 / 36 / 39 / 41 S&G

The Black Bay 31, 36, 39 and 41 S&G models add a unique aesthetic to the Black Bay line. Their rounded cases with polished elements in yellow gold deviate slightly from the style of the brand's legendary functional watch to impress with refined versatile unisex elegance.

Black Bay 32 / 36 / 41

The Black Bay line is the result of a subtle blend of traditional aesthetics and modern watchmaking. It is far from an identical reissue of a classic. It unites TUDOR diver's watches for more than 60 years and at the same time is consistently anchored in the present.


Tudor follows its own path with the Pelagos, combining style with technical performance. The Pelagos, which is waterproof to a depth of 500 metres, combines technology and innovation.

Clair de Rose

The Claire de Rose collection deliberately addresses an elegant audience. With its simple design and classic look, it is Tudor's most elegant timepiece.

Black Bay P01

TUDOR presented the Black Bay P01 in 2019. Based on a legendary prototype developed in the late 1960s and offered to the US Navy, this watch reveals a little-known aspect of brand history.


The brand TUDOR was first registered in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf. For this reason, the collection carries this name. It captures the philosophy of TUDOR and follows the path it has already taken since its introduction - with technically and aesthetically high-quality wristwatches of boundless sophistication.


The sporty chronograph collection is only available in ceramic. The light and scratch-resistant case material makes an unmistakable statement.


Inspired by the past and revived in the present. Here you will find the so-called Re-Edition's timeless classics.

North Flag

In 1952 the British wore a Tudor for the North Greenland expedition. To support them, Hans Wilsdorf made 30 watches for the expedition team. To honour the explorers, Tudor named an entire collection "North Flag".



Der erste @tudorwatch Chronograph mit selbst aufziehendem Manufakturwerk, Säulenrad und vertikaler Kupplung ist seit 2021 in einer flacheren Ausführung erhältlich. #gallihatzeit 

Vertiefte Totalisatoren sorgen für optimalen Kontrast. In der Tradition der TUDOR Chronographen befindet sich eine Datumsanzeige auf der 6-Uhr-Position.


Zu finden auf unserer Website und in unserer heutigen Story mit direkter Verlinkung.

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⚪️ Die Kombination eines schiefergrauen, farblich nach innen abgestuften Zifferblatts und einer schiefergrauen Lünette mit Goldakzenten an den Zeigern und Stundenindizes rundet die Ästhetik der @tudorwatch BLACK BAY BRONZE ab.

Der visuelle Gesamteindruck ist der eines luxuriösen Objekts mit Patina, das über Jahre hinweg am Handgelenk seines Trägers die Welt umsegelt haben könnte und aussieht, als wäre es genau für ihn und seinen Lebensstil gemacht. #tudor #galli 

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Bei dieser Uhr wird die Referenzzeit durch einen eckigen gelben Snowflake-Zeiger angezeigt – ein ästhetisches Markenzeichen von TUDOR – der innerhalb von 24 Stunden einmal das gesamte Zifferblatt umrundet. 

Die Lokalzeit wird durch einen weiteren kürzeren Snowflake-Zeiger angegeben, der durch eine springende Stunde eingestellt und in beide Richtungen bewegt werden kann. #tudor #galli 

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Die berühmte Taucheruhr Black Bay von TUDOR ist seit 2017 auch in Gelbgold und Edelstahl erhältlich. Ausgestattet mit dem Manufakturwerk Kaliber MT5652, führt das Modell Black Bay GMT S&G zudem die zweite Zeitzone in die Black Bay Linie ein. #galli #tudor

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